Organisational consulting

Our services are customized and made-to-measure, with an emphasis on the unique perspectives, knowledge and skills that we can bring to the situation. Activities include:

  • Design and implementation of programs in organisations, including multi-national, cross divisional and post-merger integrations.
  • Research into current and emerging practices, including complex issues of culture, ethics, responsibility and leadership. Click here for an outline of our research expertise.
  • Advice to key actors – executives, change agents, board members, investors and researchers.
  • Speeches, lectures and seminars on topics related to leadership, ethics and responsibility.
  • Creation of customized materials in support of the above, including written, video, audio, performance arts and social media.

Our clients are active in various sectors, including private and public companies, NGOs, government departments and agencies, think-tanks and research group.

The Principal Consultant is Professor Jonathan Gosling, who works with associates and partner organisations from around the world, as befits each project.

  • Jonathan Gosling at the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2017, photo by Bibi Veth

  • Writing retreat in Portugal

    Pelumbra writing retreat
  • Principal consultant: Professor Jonathan Gosling

Ever wonder what Pelumbra means?

Pelumbra is a made-up word combining light and shade. PEL is an astronomical term referring to ‘Peak of Eternal Light’ – a (so far) hypothetical place where the sun always shines, because it is near enough the poles of a planet to have almost no axial shift as the planet rotates, and has sufficient altitude to be above shadows cast by other objects. Some spots approaching this status have been identified on the moon, and others may exist on Mercury. In any case, ‘eternal’ is hyperbole – the light will last only as long as the sun – about another 10 billion years. But that’s probably long enough to represent the possibility of metaphorical ‘peaks of eternal light’ in human ideals.

Umbra, on the other hand, is latin for ‘shadow’, and implies lesser shades of shade such as penumbra and antumbra.

Pelumbra, therefore, suggests the conditions in which we live – more or less shadily, with an ideal of uninhibited illumination.

Pint of Eternal Light

Giving a little back

The team at Pelumbra feel it is important to support small Charities and NGOs, either as gifts in kind or as donations. Of course not all of those we help want their details shared, but here are some:

Nudge Global Challenge

We are working with Nudge NL’s annual ‘Global Challenge’ event – a catalyst for commitment into action for young leaders.

Find out more here: http://www.nudgeglobalimpactchallenge.com/about-the-challenge/

Congo Calling was launched at TEDxExeter 2012 following Bandi Mbubi’s powerful call for the development of fair trade technology which uses ethically-sourced, conflict-free minerals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Illegal mining in the eastern part of the DRC fuels the continuing war there and denies local people the peace, stability and prosperity which would flow from the ethical management of the Congo’s natural resources.
Pelumbra support the war on Conflict Minerals war, so we use and support Fairphones.

To find out more: www.congocalling.org

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